Friday, May 13, 2011

First MLB "Rainout"

For the first time this season we had a day that was scheduled to have action but ended up as a non-action day when all was said and done.

Thursday May 12 had eight games on the MLB docket but Dodgers-Pirates was postponed due to rain in Pittsburgh. So the first two segments of the day went off as usual for weather and the S&P.
NYC Weather at 1:35PM local time
S&P 500 Index at Market Close

But when the MLB scores for the day were being collected, the rainout caused the day's count to drop to seven games - below the requisite eight in order to have action. The first two segments were scored as usual below:

1Biff Tannen981260225
2Neil McCauley311080139
3Will Munny59680128
4Pike Bishop2844073
5Hans Gruber037037
6Marko Ramius031031
7Fredo Corleone260026
8Shelly Kaplow160016

Biff, Neil and Will were situated very well entering the final segment of the day and the rainout in Pittsburgh may have cost them a shot at a high finish for the day. Instead the day was downgraded to a non-action day and all the scores were thrown out.

In that way the results are very much akin to how a baseball game is handled when called due to rain but failed to complete a minimum of five innings. The results are thrown out and the game is restarted at a later date.

The results were completely lost to me also until I discovered a browser window I happened to leave open on my work computer.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

MLB 2011 Underway!

After the first five action days of the MLB season we have five different MLB category winners. Gotta love the parity. :-P

All-Time Standings
(standings through 4/15/2011)

BTW, more reports are in the pipeline. Toward the top of the list are:
  • Best/worst single-day performances by Rivals (total and component scores) for NBA 2010-11 and overall.
  • Best/worst single-day NBA totals from the recently concluded NBA 2010-11 season (field-goal pct, 3pt pct, ft pct, off reb pct, etc - qualified days only)
  • Final NBA 2010-11 Rival standings.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Baseball 2011

With the 2011 MLB season rapidly approaching, I've been working to adapt the system to baseball from basketball.

A couple notes:
  • NBA will continue to be the official action sport until baseball accumulates a sufficient basis for comparison. We elected not to use 2010 data to prime the 2011 pump, if you will.
  • Even after NBA passes the torch to MLB, NBA data will still be passively collected.
  • The first action day featuring MLB categories will likely be Monday April 11.
  • After much deliberation, we've settled on the three official MLB meta-stat categories:
  1. Ground Ball Percentage (grounders/balls in play)
  2. Strike Percentage (strikes/pitches thrown)
  3. On Base Plus Slugging
So for each day, these three categories will be summed across all games played. If the action criteria is met and the day has action, these categories will factor into the daily competition.

These categories seemed arbitrary, fundamental and far reaching. One thing I wanted to avoid was quantity-based categories. I somewhat regret the use of Points per Game in NBA this season. It can easily be skewed by a few games that go to overtime. The hope was to find categories that were mostly independent of one another. But realistically it is nearly impossible to find three relevant categories in the same sport that are completely independent of each other.

You could certainly argue a lower strike percentage might promote a higher on base percentage and a higher ground ball percentage might promote a lower OPS (among many relationships, surely). While the three aren't perfectly independent they should at least be enough-so to appease that action-junkie, rapscallion Hans Gruber.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I wish I had something more substantive at the moment. However, we're basically just screwing around with numbers.

And yes, we know we ain't winning any beauty contests. But everybody we have over here thinks web design is a task worse than pumicing grandma's heel callus. Maybe we should have diversified a little. Naaa.

It's hard to believe just three weeks ago this was a stupid idea which no one cared about....oh wait.